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NVNT uses intelligence-driven processes based on your actual data to give us unique insights into your current business situation to see what is working and what is not. Our ability to identify and then focus on the intersection of the most relevant data points allows us to unlock the real value in a business and keep you on the trajectory for sustained future success.

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Are you a critical thinker?

In a world with a constant and increasing stream of information and messages of all kinds demanding your attention, critical thinking is of the utmost importance. In between everything that gets your attention, there is an increasing chance that it is unsubstantiated...

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Authentic leadership and change

Over the years, different theories of leadership were prominent at different times.  One can think of the trait, behavioural, contingency, path-goal, transactional, transformational and servant leadership approaches. In present times, as we globally face the...

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Pause, rethink and unlearn

As shared in a Knowledge@Wharton article, a few years ago an internationally recognised thought leader in management and workplace dynamics proposed the following to a group of Fortune 500 CEOs: ‘We already have good evidence that as long as people are in the office...

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Trend-awareness, Covid 19 and beyond

Today, much more so than in the past, no business can afford to narrowly focus only on its day-to-day operations, competitors and more immediate stakeholders. It is not only the leadership of multinational corporations who need to invest time and effort to understand...

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Habits of hope

If we lose hope we lose everything. Hope, in this sense, is the fire in your heart that drives you to go forward, conscious that life is precious and worth fighting for. To keep this fire burning can at times be hard. We do well if we cultivate the habits that keep us...

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Effective communication

In our fast-paced high-tech world it is easy to overestimate the quick-fix tools we use to solve problems or reach our goals. We typically underestimate the importance of awareness and practice of necessary skills and processes for effective communication. The last...

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To be grounded

These days no one disputes the fact that we are generally overwhelmed by the pace and pervasiveness of change. Especially in the light of the havoc wreaked by the Covid 19 pandemic. At the same time, we are aware of the pressures to ‘stay in the game’ and embrace the...

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Make innovations a daily habit

‘Innovation’ is one of the buzzwords in business in recent times. The reason for it is the accelerated pace of new innovations and the pressure not to fall behind as these innovations take the markets over. Ray Kurzweil stated that since the beginning...

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Don’t run your business blind – Discover your true performance

Peter Drucker, the man who invented modern business management is credited with the quote “If you can’t measure it you can’t improve it.” Our Discover business performance assessment not only reveals proper reference points for measuring improvement, it also guides the process of restoring symmetry and balance. 

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Organisational transformation in 2023

Change is constant, but there are different levels of change within an organisation. Change management principles and techniques are not sufficient when it comes to transformational projects. Change management means implementing finite initiatives, which may or may...

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For success, be very nimble and very open-minded

In a global YPO survey, 2,572 chief executives participated in giving their views and insights on how they plan to navigate in a post-COVID-19 world. When asked what is the most significant issue they will face in managing employees 34.3% said engagement, 20.6%...

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We don’t need a clock – we need a compass

If the challenges for business organisations were complex before the Covid-19 pandemic, then it has certainly become much more so since. Finding the signal in the noise is not easy, but all-important. In times like this, we can easily be like a rabbit caught in the...

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Vulnerability – the birthplace of innovation

The Covid-19 pandemic and 21st-century interconnectivity led to the shared experience of disillusionment and vulnerability on planet earth … and then there is still the effects of global warming looming. But first, where has 18 months of a pandemic brought us?  ...

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It’s both doing and being agile

In a Boston Consulting Group study, senior executives were asked to rank the relative importance of eight agile enablers. “Leadership, culture, and behaviour” ranked first. When asked which enablers their organisations are best equipped to tackle, leadership, culture,...

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From empowered corporations to empowered people

Few in business would disagree that the result of being too late in making the necessary changes - changes in approach, mindset, strategy and execution - is much more detrimental today than in the past. One fundamental area is the overriding force of a new era, such...

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Time to work on, not only in, the system

We are constantly challenged to wake up to new realities. This year more than ever. As I listen to people - and myself - there is a sense of breathlessness as we try to keep up with the pace and challenges of change. Can we escape it? Not if we want to live. We have...

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Striving for Excellence through Goal Achievement

Striving for Excellence through Goal Achievement By Cobus Terblanche It is not always about how adventurous, challenging, or risky goals are. Nor is it about the number of goals pursued. In the end, it is our attitude towards goal achievement that will determine the...

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Learn about achieving measurable performance results

Looking for a great ROI and return on investing in yourself? Consider attending the ISPI EMEA virtual Conference 1 - 6 October and learn about achieving measurable performance results in the digital times we are living!https://lnkd.in/eeUxAhr

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Covid 19 Business continuity

Covid19 has forced fundamental changes on a global front. Our lives have been suddenly and unexpectedly disrupted and changed forever. This pandemic will be one of the most fundamental change agents that the world has ever experienced, and it will also be...

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Operationalise your strategy

Introduction NVNT is the cryptic word for INVENT. We invent ideas and engage as a strategic partner to provide innovative solutions to our clients. We focus on the complete lifecycle of strategy realisation, including the formulation, implementing of initiatives, and...

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