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NVNT is the cryptic word for INVENT. We invent ideas and engage as a strategic partner to provide innovative solutions to our clients.

We focus on the complete lifecycle of strategy realisation, including the formulation, implementing of initiatives, and the monitoring and evaluating of achievements.

NVNT utilises a holistic and systemic approach to ensure all dimensions of the business are considered during the process.

Strategy becomes an integral part of the management and operations of the organisation with continuous alignment of the business with the strategic goals.

The challenge

Most organisations are well equipped with processes, knowledge and experience to formulate and manage strategy. However, the art for having sound strategy and practices eludes many enterprises; regardless of size, industry or location.

Key challenges organisations are facing are not found in the tangible elements of the process, but rather relates to human factors and behaviour including:

  • Culture, humans are creatures of habit.
  • Fear of change.
  • Ignorance, not understanding the impact if change is not affected.
  • Uncertainty about the future.
  • Lack of imagination.
  • Strategy is a once-a-year event with limited focus on implementation. This implies that the strategic intent is seldomly realised.

Organisations who overcome these factors holds a higher probability for being successful.

Why strategy

Strategy provides direction (“True North”) and serves as the navigation vehicle to realise the vision. It articulates the executive commitment to achieve the business’ goals and creates a foundation for decision-making in all areas of the business, such as investments, priorities, risk management and resource allocation.

Our approach

NVNT focuses on the full lifecycle of strategy including formulation, implementation, as well as the monitoring and evaluation of performance against the strategic plan. Through this approach strategy management becomes an integral part of the management and operations of the organisation.

Strategy formulation

During strategy formulation the leadership team articulates and commits to the True North of the organisation. The process broadly entails the following:

Figure 1: Process for strategy formulation

The strategic intent positions the direction for the organisation and serves to inspire, motivate and state the aspirations of the organisation. The strategy definition follows the strategic intent and includes a high-level analysis of the mandate of the business, values, priorities, role players and service offerings to clients.

Concurrently with the definition, factors are explored and analysed that may impact on the success of the business. These include factors contributing to and/or promoting the success of the organisation, as well threatening drivers that may prevent the business from being successful.

The business definition is designed for all the dimensions of the organisation, including the interrelation between them. The results from the strategic analysis are consolidated into a strategic plan and initiatives, which are prioritised and planned in a strategic roadmap.

Manage strategy implementation

Strategy implementation must be instilled in the governance structures and operations of the organisation. Strategic and operations reviews are introduced to continuously align the operations of the organisation with the strategy.

Measurements are implemented to monitor and evaluate that strategic goals are achieved within the specified parameters.

How NVNT does it differently?

The NVNT approach provides structure and objectivity during the process and utilises innovative methods and models to overcome the challenges faced during strategy formulation and implementation. Through the structured process, NVNT also facilitates to ensure the following:

  • Keeping a strategic focus during strategy formulation, and not regressing into operational discussions.
  • Remaining objective in contributing to the process.
Figure 2: NVNT services nucleus

By utilising a holistic and systemic approach we support our clients to ensure all dimensions of the business are considered during the process.

The focus is placed on the process and the outcomes that manifests in the culture and dynamics of the organisation and not to create a document.

Our selected teams are equipped with best-of-breed methods and techniques to facilitate the processes and provide an objective approach and thought leadership.

Key benefits

Key benefits for our clients include:

  • Leadership gains consensus and clarity on what the organisation must achieve and what it implies.
  • All role players engage in the process to articulate the strategy and commit to the goals.
  • Management experiences how strategy is operationalised and implemented through a progressive journey.
  • The transparency of the process provides a foundation and safe environment for executives to engage in discussions on challenging topics.

Time frame to assess business needs

This is contracted based on the client’s needs and the cycles of the business.

Strategy formulation is typically completed as follows:

  • Preparation with key stakeholders – ½ day
  • Strategy work session – 2 days (preferably uninterrupted)
  • Finalisation of the strategy deliverables – 1 day
  • Presentation of the strategy to the management team – 2 hours

The cycles for strategy implementation usually start with monthly accountability engagements and the monitoring and evaluation is contracted to be aligned with business cycles.

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