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Effective communication

In our fast-paced high-tech world it is easy to overestimate the quick-fix tools we use to solve problems or reach our goals. We typically underestimate the importance of awareness and practice of necessary skills and processes for effective communication. The last...

To be grounded

These days no one disputes the fact that we are generally overwhelmed by the pace and pervasiveness of change. Especially in the light of the havoc wreaked by the Covid 19 pandemic. At the same time, we are aware of the pressures to ‘stay in the game’ and embrace the...

Make innovations a daily habit

‘Innovation’ is one of the buzzwords in business in recent times. The reason for it is the accelerated pace of new innovations and the pressure not to fall behind as these innovations take the markets over. Ray Kurzweil stated that since the beginning...
For success, be very nimble and very open-minded

For success, be very nimble and very open-minded

In a global YPO survey, 2,572 chief executives participated in giving their views and insights on how they plan to navigate in a post-COVID-19 world. When asked what is the most significant issue they will face in managing employees 34.3% said engagement, 20.6%...
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