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Peter Drucker, the man who invented modern business management is credited with the quote “If you can’t measure it you can’t improve it.” Our Discover business performance assessment not only reveals proper reference points for measuring improvement, it also guides the process of restoring symmetry and balance.  

Symmetrix© Overview


Our Discover business performance assessment uses Symmetrix© as a preferred yardstick to measure business performance. Symmetrix© uncovers the performance of a business in one go without using various tools which typically concentrate on a single focus area only.


Organizations are made up of hard and soft parts, ideally working in unity to ensure top performance. To operate optimally, organizations should strive for symmetry between hard and soft parts.  Symmetry refers to harmonious proportion and balance in the organization, where no specific part takes priority at the expense of other parts. The following picture displays the 10 dimensions used in obtaining a complete snapshot of the organization:

Figure 1: Ten Dimensions of Symmetrix©

Symmetrix© measuresthe hard and soft parts associated with an organizational system to provide a complete picture of business performance. When broken down, the relationship between the detail elements indicates the health of business performance. This allows for establishing a reliable baseline to measure enhancements against.

Optimizing Performance

Symmetrix© provides an innovative way to manage business performance enhancement by:

  • Revealing actual focus areas in need of improvement;
  • Establishing baselines for measuring change;
  • Gauging the organisation’s appetite for change;
  • Analysing the gap in expectations;
  • Identifying change imperatives;
  • Serving as input for constructing an improvement plan; and
  • Guiding the execution of the improvement plan.

Symmetrix© is complemented by a tried and tested renewal methodology to guide improvement projects. It also involves top management and employees to ensure buy-in and commitment. We firmly believe that organizations don’t change, people do.

Road Map to Performance Improvement

Symmetrix© gauges hard and soft dimensions in one go to provide clear baselines and priority areas for performance improvement. The picture below provides a high-level road map for turning the assessment results into tangible improvements:

Figure 2: Performance Improvement Road Map

How does it Work?

The assessment is conducted separately by management and staff members. The results are then compared and analyzed to provide an authentic view of prevailing performance. An example of a representative consolidated score is depicted in the graph below:

Figure 3: Consolidated Performance Results

Subsequently the results are cascaded to the 10 hard and soft dimensions and ultimately down to the 200 elements revealing increasing levels of performance data:

Figure 4: Dimensional Scores

The bar charts above represent typical outcomes discovered during an assessment. We provide a comprehensive report revealing these results, including our findings and recommendations.

Assessment Process

Once formal contracting has taken place, separate assessments are conducted for management and staff. These assessments run concurrently. Location or geography does not come into play since the assessment is completed online. On average it takes about 40 minutes to complete. Once received, we validate, compare and analyze the results after which we develop and present the report. The entire process, from contracting to reporting, takes anything between two weeks and one month, depending on customer preference.

The assessment is extremely affordable and the size of the organization has no influence on the cost structure.  The turnaround time is quick with absolute minimum impact on operations.

Contact Details

To discuss any aspect in more detail or to book an assessment, contact Cobus Terblanche:

Author: Cobus Terblanche

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