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The Covid-19 pandemic and 21st-century interconnectivity led to the shared experience of disillusionment and vulnerability on planet earth … and then there is still the effects of global warming looming. But first, where has 18 months of a pandemic brought us?  

To quote Forbes contributor Joan Michelson,

… It forced us to redefine what and who we value, how we govern, whose opinions we listen to, how we view facts and science, and even our relationships. Much of society used to focus on status, power, wealth and celebrity. Then came COVID-19. Our 21st-century tools and technologies that seem to work miracles and make us feel invincible and powerful, are practically defenceless in the face of COVID-19. We are left with only the primitive weapons of cloth masks and keeping our distance.

Note below the severe impact the pandemic has on our mental health as reported by KFF.

Our vulnerability is exposed in many different ways. Ultimately, all of it challenges our thinking. Thinking about life and death, about what we still hold on to, what we should let go of, and what adjustments we need to make. In some way or another, we are facing a test of character. Giving up on ourselves should not be an option. Whereas we should face reality boldly, we should choose the most positive perspective on the situation we find ourselves in. Inside-out principle-based leadership® implies being authentic first, acknowledging both our strengths and our weaknesses, our creative ability and our vulnerability. Shared vulnerability in the face of the Covid-19 threat opens the door to shared creativity and innovation. There is no place for shame and defensiveness, only for the best creative solution to the challenges we face collectively.

Author: Dr Gerhard van Rensburg

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