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Leading self

Leading self is one of the three categories of the Principle-based leadership® learning and development journeys.It focus on two areas namely a person’s resilience and personal mastery:ResilienceWith the high degree of volatility, uncertainty, complexity
and ambiguity (VUCA) in our 21st century world, the resilience of leaders, in
particular, is tested. The leader’s true self (authenticity) passion, character
and self-regard need to be affirmed and reinforced in a journey of continuous

Resilience is about the leader’s ability to remain strong
despite setbacks by tapping into an inner truth and strength. The focus is on
an individual’s intrinsic foundation to his life in general and leadership in
particular. The resilience of our work organisations is built on the resilience
of its leaders in particular and the work contributions of all members in
general. Personal masteryLeadership starts with leading self. Personal mastery is
more than competence or skills. It relates to the way we respond to our
personal challenges in being effective and advancing towards our personal
vision. Personal mastery is a set of specific principles and practices that
enables a person to learn, create and achieve personal goals. Self-mastery
explicates the challenges and responses to steer one’s life towards excellence,
fulfilment and effectiveness.

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