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Leading others

Leading others is one of the three categories of the Principle-based leadership® learning and development journeys.It focus on two areas namely a person’s interpersonal skills and the leadership practices for developing others:Interpersonal skillsEmotional and social intelligence have been proven to be
critical to the leader’s success in building teams, trust and good
relationships. It is both the leader’s commitment to the principles of good
teamwork and relationships and the refinement of social skills that ultimately
determine success in working collectively towards a common goal. What the
leader values in relationships in general will impact on those around him. Developing othersIn the 21st century people, in general, are looking for an
environment where they can express themselves and release their potential. Good
leaders know the importance of creating an environment for growth by being
inclusive and showing belief in others. Following certain leadership principles
will ensure such an environment. Growing others outlines the various practices
a principle-based leader needs to commit to, standards to adhere to, and
appropriate adjustments to make in order to help others grow and develop.

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