The members of the NVNT team have all worked in executive positions in large companies and have many years of hard-won commercial operational experience, giving us a clear understanding of the key variables needed to build genuine, predictable business success.

meet the team

We respect, nurture and empower our people, build strong relationships with our suppliers and customers and take due cognizance of all our other stakeholders. We believe in strong governance standards and in continuously improving our systems and processes.

Andre Venter
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The Pack Leader

Andre is a seasoned CIO, who knows how to use technology to differentiate your business.

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Elouise Beukes
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Realise Strategy

Elouise is an executive consultant specialising in strategy formulation and realisation.

    Dr Gerhard v Rensburg
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    Execute Change

    Gerhard is a leadership development and transformational specialist, facilitator and executive coach.

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    Dirk Ehlers
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    Architect the Enterprise

    Dirk is an Enterprise Performance Improvement executive consultant and thought leader.

    Belia Nel
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    Optimise Human Performance

    Belia is a Certified Performance Technologist (ISPI) who practices Human Performance Technology (HPT). The differentiator of HPT is its systems thinking results-focused approach which identifies gaps and barriers at organisational (workplace), operational (work) and people (worker) impact levels and provides alignment through solutions for sustainable results. 

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    Louis Herman
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    Risk & Compliance Adding Value

    Louis is a subject matter expert who redefines governance functions and processes, to add organisational value.

      Hennie Beukes
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      Re-engineer Process

      Hennie Beukes is a Senior Consultant in the field of Business Analysis, Business Process Management.

      Cobus Terblanche
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      Improve Business Outcomes

      Cobus specialises in business transformation, strategy development, process engineering, organisational design and change management to offer end-to-end business solutions.

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        Ed van den Heever
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        Practice Excellence Frameworks

        Ed is the embodiment of a dynamic person – in a dynamic model that draws on the very best principles and practices available in the world – and then keeps working at making them even better. EFQM, Baldridge, AEF.

        Chopper Theart
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        Human Capital Realising Business Value

        Chopper is an insatiably curious enabler with a growth mindset, trusted advisor to C-suite executives and eager sparring partner for executive leadership teams. At NVNT, we are rather obsessed with the future and taking human capital to the next level. Our common theme is to help organizations drive expansion and effectively manage their talent to enable business growth. 

        Riana Thedvall
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        Projects Delivered

        Enthusiastic project manager driving project outcomes

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