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NVNT uses intelligence-driven processes based on your actual data to give us unique insights into your current business situation to see what is working and what is not. Our ability to identify and then focus on the intersection of the most relevant data points allows us to unlock the real value in a business and keep you on the trajectory for sustained future success.

Time to work on, not only in, the system

We are constantly challenged to wake up to new realities. This year more than ever. As I listen to people - and myself - there is a sense of breathlessness as we try to keep up with the pace and challenges of change. Can we escape it? Not if we want to live. We have...

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Striving for Excellence through Goal Achievement

Striving for Excellence through Goal Achievement By Cobus Terblanche It is not always about how adventurous, challenging, or risky goals are. Nor is it about the number of goals pursued. In the end, it is our attitude towards goal achievement that will determine the...

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