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CATEGORY: Leading self

Principle-based Leadership® – Self-awareness

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

Principle-based Leadership® – Self-awareness




Principle-based leadership® teaches inside-out leadership. It
entails personal and leadership development and generally enlightens and empowers
people for the workplace. Often much more so than volume-based training
curriculums or extensive business school teaching.

Self-awareness is at the heart of self-mastery. Without high levels
of self-awareness a persons ability to self-correct is limited. You can only
control what you are aware of. What you are not aware of controls you. Self-awareness
forms the basis of other-awareness and as such is key to interpersonal
effectiveness. This course will help you to improve your self-awareness which can
lead to breakthrough personal changes.





  • Description of
    self-awareness: What is it and how can it be observed?
  • Self-awareness and
    emotional intelligence
  • The power of
  • Growing
    self-awareness, emotional awareness and self-control




2 weeks online – allows for
experiential learning, reflection and feedback. 
Coaching sessions can be
added for in-depth personalised development



  • Learning
    material (text and video)
  • Examples/case
  • Relevant
  • Quizzes
  • Experiential
    learning tasks
  • Feedback
  • Self-assessment
  • Coaching sessions can be
    added for in-depth personalised development


Target Audience


Any person who needs, or is interested in building
his resilience and personal mastery ability –  especially as it applies to a demanding
work-role. Whatever our aspirations are, it all starts with how well we lead



Learning format

Online self-study only



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