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CATEGORY: Leading others

Being servant

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

Principle-based Leadership® – Being servant




Principle-based leadership® teaches inside-out leadership. It
entails personal and leadership development and generally enlightens and empowers
people for the workplace. Often much more so than volume-based training
curriculums or extensive business school teaching.


Leading by serving sounds paradoxical. However, your leadership can
be seen as a service to others. Leaders who have the intent and motive to serve
their country, their organisation and their team experience high levels of resonance
and support. The course helps you to become an effective servant leader,
whether you have an official leadership role or not.  




  • Description
    of being servant: How can it be observed?
  • To serve,
    purpose and meaning
  • Influence
    from the inside out
  • The ‘want to’
    versus the ‘have to’ factor
  • The
    servant mindset and hallmarks




1 week online – allows for experiential learning and reflection. Coaching
sessions can be added for in-depth personalised development



  • Learning
    material (text and video)
  • Examples/case
  • Relevant
  • Quizzes
  • Experiential
    learning tasks
  • Feedback
  • Self-assessment
  • Coaching
    sessions can be added for in-depth personalised development


Target Audience


Any person who needs, or is interested in improving
his interpersonal effectiveness –  especially
as it applies to a demanding work-role. Whatever our aspirations are, at some
stage we require the support of others and thus the ability to lead others –
which we can’t do effectively without interpersonal skills.  


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