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If we didn’t fully understand what disruption looks like in our time, then we now surely do. The experience of the Covid-19 pandemic and now also the West’s conflict with Russia following the war with Ukraine rattled and continue to rattle the global village cage.

As Paul Santilli in an article for SCIP explains: In a relatively “steady state” setting, historical insights can provide some value on how organizations behave, industries evolve, and reflect some general rules governing resource utilization, competitiveness and growth. In current conditions, virtually all business and competitive historical analyses are not applicable.

In the face of ongoing disruptions, there are fundamentally two responses that we need to sharpen our focus for:

  • Anticipating and understanding ramifications of disruption
  • Developing and sustaining an infrastructure to respond to the new landscape
Up to 95 percent of economic profit is earned by the top 20 percent of companies, any organization that isn’t seeking new approaches is on borrowed time. Let us take hands and share our insights …NVNT has … experience …

How future-ready is your company? Gone are the days of standardisation and predictability, hierarchies and cumbersome structures. Welcome to the days of flexibility, organic growth and inter-connectedness.

Whereas a few years ago organisations’ leadership still resisted the need for deep and wide-ranging changes, not wanting to rock the boat, they are now presented with a unique unfreezing opportunity. An opportunity that might disappear faster than one would hope. As much as it will require courage, sharp minds and hard work, let us make the most of it and enjoy the process of real and sustainable growth.

Author: Dr Gerhard van Rensburg

What determines how a transformation project unfolds, is the set of beliefs that the leadership brings to it.

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